The Accident - 55


I'm trying new things again. I used the same pens that turned out too gray and forced the lines to be totally black on the computer. Don't think I like the effect. Now it is TOO dark... Hmm.

Show Transcript

Six Panels

Panel 1

Captain Funzie says, "Maybe we could start a new show."

Panel 2

The captain holds his hat over his heart and says, "I belong to The Loyal Order of the Lighthouse."

Panel 3

"Our goal is to preserve and pass on knowledge."

Panel 4

Tommy asks, "Is it a secret society?"

Panel 5

With a sheepish expression, the captain replies, "No, we're just terrible at marketing... and we don't have much money."

Panel 6

Tommy smiles and says, "An internet show wouldn't cost much! We could fix up this studio!"