The Accident - 53


I'm trying new pens on this one and I'm not sure if I like it or not. They are much easier to work with than nib and ink, but the blacks just aren't as rich. What do you think?

Show Transcript

Six Panels

Panel 1

Captain Funzie says, "Oh, no! The burning sign fell on him?"

Panel 2

Tommy answers, "He was badly burned and had lots of broken bones."

Panel 3

Emily asks, "Was Billy OK?"

Panel 4

Tommy replies, "Yes! In fact he grew up to be my dad."

Panel 5

"But that was the end of the show" Tommy says as we see the professor as he is now; scarred and old.

Panel 6

"He never worked in front of the camera again," Tommy says as we see the broken TV camera in the gloom of the old studio.