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NASA Photos Now On Flickr

By jeffa


John Glenn entering the Friendship 7 capsule in which he became the first American to orbit the earth. Image courtesy NASA.
John Glenn entering Friendship 7

If you like to see photos of astronauts and space missions, check out the new offering from NASA and Flickr! It's called the NASA Commons.

NASA photos have been onlilne for some time, but the Flickr site allows people to add comments and tags. Hopefully this will allow additional information to be added to the historical archives. For instance someone who was present at a launch might add a comment that tells what they thought and felt at that moment. Future historians can learn a bunch from those kinds of comments!

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Two Planets Found Orbiting One Star

By jeffa


Artist's idea of what this two planet system might look like courtesy NASA/Ames/JPL-Caltech
Artist conception of two planets orbiting one star
When you look into the sky at night you see lots of stars, right? You also see a few planets that orbit the sun. Planets like Mars and Venus. When you look at stars, you can't see if they have planets orbiting them can you? No, you can't because they are SO far away that even the super gigantic stars look like little dots of light.  If you use binoculars or even a telescope you still just see little dots of light. Planets are MUCH smaller than stars, so there is NO chance you can see them. Until about 20 years ago there was simply no way to tell if a star had planets. The first planets detected weren't seen, but the effect they had on their stars was detected. Imagine if you had a heavy ball on the end of a rope and you swung it around and around. It would tug at you and keep you from spinning in one spot. You'd wiggle around a little, wouldn't you? Read More

Follow Me On Twitter To Know When New Comics Are Up

By jeffa


If you want to know when a new Funzietown comic is up, just follow me on Twitter at

I'm trying to get one or two out each week, but not on a specific publish-on-this-day schedule.

When I post a new comic, I tweet about it.

Try The Archive Button

By jeffa


Want to see more than one comic on a page?

Try the Archive button.

It will show the entire comic in a pageable format with multiple comics per page.

If you want to catch up on the story so far, this is the way to go.

Just remember that it is in order from newest to oldest, so you want to go the page with the highest number and work your way back.

37th Anniversary of Apollo 17

By Jeff Ammons


Historical Moment

Today (December 11th, 2009) marks the 37th anniversary of the Apollo 17 moon landing depicted in the current storyline of Funzietown.

Hard to believe it has been 37 years since humans made it to the moon.

If you want more info on Apollo 17 you can go to the NASA site. FYI, I'm hoping that over Christmas I'll be able to post a couple more strips in the storyline. I have the rest of this storyline done as pencil roughs, but haven't had time to work them through the full draw, re-draw, ink, scan, post process.

I also hope to convert this site to my new blogging engine by the end of the year. No promises, since it depends on how much time I get to work on it.

Disney + Marvel = AWESOME!

By jeffa


Quick link back to my blog for a one off drawing I did based on Disney buying Marvel: Mousketeers Assemble!

Happy 40th, People-On-Moon!

By Jeff Ammons


Today (July 20th, 2009) marks the 40th anniversary of the first humans to land on the surface of the moon!

The more you learn about what our country and those brave men accomplished, the more amazed you are.

Did you know that there were fewer than 20 seconds worth of fuel left when the lander touched down? FYI: you don't survive a mistake on the moon!

I remember watching the landings (I don't think I'm remembering the first one since I was only a year and a half old at the time) with my dad. He made a big fuss that THIS IS HISTORY BEING MADE! You know what? I remember to this day what I saw and learned a love of science, technology and history. Thanks, Dad!

Cool Video About Returning To The Moon

By Jeff Ammons


The race to the moon is on!

The first race to the moon was to step on the surface, the new race is to stay on the surface and build a habitat.

Readers of the comic know I'm pretty well obsessed with the Apollo moon missions, and I'm really excited about our return to the moon.

My Heroes Have Always Been Astronauts

By Jeff Ammons


When I was a kid my heroes walked on the moon.

My dad would sit us down in front of the television and tell us, "Remember this because it is history being made."

One of my all time favorite ideas was riding around the moon in the moon buggy that was used by Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt. You can see a picture of it on Captain Cernan's official website.

I had the privilege of meeting Captain Cernan back in the early 1990's when I was photographer for High Tech Month In Georgia. He was keynote speaker, and I was in awe.

When I get through with the next few strips I plan to email Capt. Cernan to send him a link to the comic. I certainly hope he likes it!

The last panel in today's comic is from a famous photograph of Captain Cernan and Ron Evans (the third man in the Apollo 17 crew) taken by Jack Schmitt.

Anyone who remembers the early shuttle flights probably remembers Capt. Cernan from his commentaries as well.

Capt. Cernan has written and spoken widely about trying to inspire the children of today the way I was inspired by his heroics. It's a big universe out there, and it will take big thinkers to explore it.