About Funzietown

What is Funzietown?

Funzietown is a comic about the folks who live in Funzietown, of course. There are lots of nice people who live on the island. They have lots of adventures on the island. Sometimes Captain Funzie tells stories of his adventures as a sailor.

Funzietown is published on Wednesdays. I'm afraid I'm not keeping a very regular schedule however... I do announce new comics on both Twitter and Facebook. If you follow me there you'll get a link when a new comic goes up.

Who's Who In Funzietown

Captain Funzie

Captain Funzie portrait

The Captain lives in the island's lighthouse. He has traveled all around the world, met lots of people, and read tons of books. Gladly does he learn, and gladly does he teach. He's very handy to have around!


Emily portrait

Emily lives with Captain Funzie and her dog, Flapjack. She is a very smart little girl who loves to learn. Her mother died a year ago. Emily's mother was best friends with Captain Funzie's daughter and arranged for him to be Emily's legal guardian, because she trusted him more than anyone else on earth.

Who makes Funzietown?

My name is Jeff Ammons, and I'm a programmer/dba living in the greater Atlanta area.

You can find me on Twitter with the user name jeffa00.

How did Funzietown come about?

Funzietown came about in a very circuitous manner. It all began with a game...

I am a computer programmer and began playing with making web games with Microsoft's Silverlight. I had the bright idea to create an educational games website. I found a domain name that wasn't taken and set up the first Funzietown website.

Problem with game development is that it requires art, and I'm a programmer, right. Oh, and I'm a CHEAP programmer, so instead of paying someone to do the art I hit the library for art books. One of them was Drawing Words and Writing Pictures by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden.

Next thing I know I'm drawing comics. While I was designing the logo my wife commented that a lighthouse would look good. Lighthouse... Funzietown... Hmm. Captain Funzie? Lives in the lighthouse? Suddenly the ideas came flowing and here we are.

What comics have influences Funzietown

I've always loved the Tintin stories as well as the old newspaper comics like Buck Rogers and Little Orphan Annie.

Here at Funzietown we like to have fun while learning.

Captain Funzie is full of information for kids and likes helping them learn.

Our stories try to be fun and educational.

This site is an educational site for kids. We talk about things related to kids and education. Things like math, history, geography, spelling, reading, writing and other things you should learn in a school.

So that's why we talk about education, kids, math, reading, spelling, history, geography, nature, science and what not. Hopefully that will help keep appropriate ads showing up.